The Best Baby Strollers In 2020

Searching for the best baby strollers in 2020 can be hard.As a parent myself, I completely understand the level of convenience that the right stroller will bring into a parent’s life.

For the past three years, I have bought a total of 3 strollers and I could’ve avoided the unnecessary expenses if only I had set aside time to research and ask around for good, dependable strollers.

You see, choosing the right stroller comes with a checklist that you have to go over before you buy one. Novice parents (just like I was) sometimes don’t have an idea about this, and I would usually put my focus on other things like the crib, pillows, bath necessities, and clothing.

Choosing the right stroller deserves attention because if you choose the right one, you could be using it from birth to age five or six even.

Okay, so just to let share my experience with you, before the birth of my daughter, we got a stroller which was on sale. We were thrilled because we thought it was such a steal!

The original price was around 380 USD, and it was being sold now at 260 USD. It came with a removable baby carrier which doubles as a car seat (but can only be used by the baby until 4-5 months) and a big stroller where the baby can sit in until she turns 7 years old.

We were thinking, “Hmm, it’s so useful.”, “It’s a little expensive but it’s a 2-in-1.” But the problem we found about this stroller was that it was too big.

The wheels were as big as bike tires so it wasn’t fit to bring in crowded malls. It was a hassle to remove, attach to the car, then remove it and attach it back to the stroller.

It was a little time consuming. Plus it was so heavy to carry. It’s not good for a single parent, who had no extra hand, and also no car.

So we had to buy a second one. This one was better. It wasn’t as heavy as the first one, you could pull down the back rest so the baby can sleep horizontally and comfortably. But yes still, it was a little bulky to carry.

There were times when we had to ride airplanes so we refused to carry the stroller around because it was a little bulky. But then we would regret not bring a stroller around like if we were in a different place, because the baby would be too heavy to carry around in our arms.

So finally, we got a cheap umbrella stroller that was easy to fold, carry, but it didn’t have a cover in case it rained. I could have avoided all that hassle if only I had invested time to look for a good stroller that would meet all my needs and fit perfectly into the family’s lifestyle.

Let me save you from that hassle! I did the research for you and the follow strollers really stood out.

1.) SUMMER INFANT’S 3D Lite Convenience Stroller 

The thing that stood out to me was the fact that this stroller seems to have it all (almost, except for the newborn car seat but it’s fine because it makes up for that in other aspects).

The Best Baby Strollers

Look at how small and compact it turns into when you fold it. TRAVEL FRIENDLY. When children come into our lives, it becomes this one big blur.

Instead of bring just one or two bags or luggage, it magically multiplies into five or more. Before kids, you and your partner would have no problem walking around a new city to explore for more than four hours, but now after an hour of walking around, you’d hear the little people complain about how tired their legs are from walking.

You’d have to carry them or have this handy stroller with you right from the start.

Aside from being travel friendly, this stroller is also made from light but durable, sturdy materials. The aluminum frame makes sure that this little baby doesn’t succumb and can withstand a maximum weight of 50 kilograms.

I’m sure your child will love it too because it will allow him or her to be comfortable (which in effect will make you, the parent, comfortable too). You can recline your child with four positions to choose from, and you can be sure that while he or she is deep in slumber, they are safe from falling out of the stroller.

That is thanks to the five point safety harness that this stroller has.

You also don’t have to worry about the sun or the rain because there is a large canopy pop-out that can keep your child away from harmful UV rays or keep them dry when it is raining. Before I forget, I’ll also mention the compartments available in this stroller so you won’t have to carry around so much stuff on your shoulders and just concentrate on the scenery around you.

The Best Baby Strollers 1

SUMMER INFANT'S 3D Lite Convenience Stroller

  • Lightweight
  • Foldable
  • Compact
  • Comfortable
  • Safe and secure
  • Compartments
  • Travel friendly

Read the full SUMMER INFANT’S 3D Lite Convenience Stroller Review.


The Best Baby Strollers 2

The fun part about this stroller is that it comes in different colors, and it has a baby car seat. However, let’s be honest.

It feels a little bulky and definitely not travel friendly especially if you are flying solo. You will need an extra pair of hands to tug this baby around.

However that doesn’t mean this won’t make a good stroller for you. It’s strong and sturdy, doesn’t look like the wind can easily turn it over.

This is great for parents who like to exercise. I know there are parents who struggle with not having someone to watch other their little kiddies while they go on a short run.

You don’t have to compromise your exercise with this one. Since the tires are big, they can run on any type of terrain with no problem.

This is also good for those who live in woody areas. No worries, because your baby is safe with the EZ 5-point safety look that this stroller has.

And not only does this stroller keep your baby safe during jogging or strolling around, but also when you are driving, thanks to the car seat that comes with it. You can also adjust the canopy easily so your baby doesn’t have to squint his or her eyes while you are jogging under bright sunshine.

You can also pull down the back rest so your baby can lie down on his back more comfortably.

Like coffee? Drink freely while strolling.

The Best Baby Strollers 3

I wouldn’t recommend this for those who always travel by flying though. This is okay for road trips, but it is a bit heavy for air travel.

  • Sturdy, durable, tough
  • Good for all terrains
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Good grip
  • Has two cup holders
  • Storage spaces provided
  • Canopy protection

The Best Baby Strollers 4

Having one child is already such a handful, but having two? Oh my gosh. I would need an unlimited amount of coffee and a really good stroller. Two kids equals double trouble, double stuff to carry around! I’m already getting a bit stressed out just thinking about it.

Thule is here to the rescue though!

This stroller is good for city living and also farm or mountain living because it can run on any kind of terrains. That is thanks to the big bike wheels it has.

Your two kids can sit side by side, covered by an adjustable canopy so they don’t get hot or wet, and they can entertain themselves (hopefully) while you relax and concentrate on pushing the stroller.

Don’t worry, five point harnesses will keep them strapped in on the stroller so they can avoid any mischievous activities. Also worth to note, that this stroller comes with a twist HAND break that allows you to easy stop the stroller without putting in too much effort. I mean, you already have to push two weights. Let this stroller make it easier for you to stop. Despite its looks, it’s really light weight and has a one hand handle. Pushing this won’t require so much muscle strength from you.

The Best Baby Strollers 5

The Best Baby Strollers 6

The Best Baby Strollers 7

  • Good for two kids
  • Easy to push
  • Hand break
  • Easy to maneuver
  • All terrain
  • Foldable
  • lightweight
  • has a canopy

Now this is something I personally like – PORTABLE. It’s not that we travel a lot, but there are times where we have to travel… be it by boat or by plane.

Mostly by car, but that doesn’t mean we do not travel by plane. And based on my experience, it’s a little problematic to carry bring around a bulky stroller when you have your toddler to worry about and then there’s also your travel bags to watch out for.

It’s just too stressful and it makes me want to just stay at home. However, just because there’s a baby now, doesn’t mean parents have to deprive themselves from things that used to be enjoyable like traveling.

That’s why I am glad to stumble into this stroller.

The Best Baby Strollers 8

I like it because it comes with a bag! It looks and feels just like another bag to carry. No one has to know it is a stroller!

The Best Baby Strollers 9

As you can see in the pictures, it doesn’t take that much space. It can be mistaken as a laptop bag. I love how slim it is when folded!

But just because it is slim, that doesn’t mean that it is easily breakable! It is made from aluminum steel, has an adjustable canopy, and it comes with a foot break!

You can also adjust the back of the stroller so your child can sit and watch the surroundings or lie down and sleep.

This is perfect for parents who have no help around all the time, because you can fold this using one hand only. Easy! Light! Portable!

The sad thing is this stroller is only until children up to 3 years of age or until their weight reaches 35 kilos. I guess we can’t have everything, but I would definitely buy this if ever I can jump back in time.

The only thing lacking from this is a baby car seat, but I can compromise on that in exchange for a little bit of convenience. You see, I’m mostly the one doing the baby care alone because my partner works so it will be extra hard to carry a bulky stroller.

I recommend this to parents who always travels, or those who have plans on traveling with their toddlers. I think you won’t regret this one!


To conclude, I know that choosing something for our beloved children requires us to think about it over and over again. We all want what is best for our child and also for our family.

It is also important to not spend money unnecessarily so make sure that the stroller you have chosen will be able to serve you for many years. Again, take time to evaluate the kind of lifestyle that your family is living so that you can assess what kind of stroller best fits into it.

You see sometimes a stroller may be good, perfect, and has a lot of good reviews but that doesn’t really matter if it cannot blend well into the kind of lifestyle that you are living. Instead of helping the stroller will now be a burden to you.

Also just a little tip, it would be great to start the baby young riding the stroller so get used to it. My baby wasn’t that used to riding a stroller during the first few months of her life because as I mentioned above the first stroller we got was very big, so it was tiresome to carry around.

We often chose to go without it which was a short-sighted decision coming from us. Our baby had a hard time adjusting to the stroller, so that was when we decided to buy her a new one, a lighter one.

Anyway, I hope this article has been helpful to your search for the perfect stroller! Tell us about your experience in the comments below!

See you next time!


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  1. I agree! It is so tough to find all the right products when you are expecting! You can only read so many reviews on everything. It is helpful to find a site that helps sift through all the options. I personally like the looks of the Summer Infant 3D light and Jovial portable stroller. It is very important to find a stroller that does what you need it to, in addition to not being too bulky or heavy. Trust me, picking those things up to put back in the car only to take it out again at the next stop gets old FAST! Thanks for all of your input!


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