Fisher-Price Soothing Motions Bassinet Review 2020

As a parent, we only want what we deem is best for our kids so if you are wondering what’s the best bassinet for my newborn? There’s only one answer to that: Read my Fisher-Price Soothing Motions Bassinet Review.

Have you ever heard of the Fisher Price brand? Way back in the years I didn’t have a baby yet, I’ve already heard or known about Fisher Price but I knew about the great baby toys they had.

Imagine my glee when I found out that not only did they make the best baby toys, but they also produced high quality baby furniture! Honestly, it’s amazing to know.

If you take a good look at the baby toys their company produces, you can really see that it is sturdy, well-thought of, and really helps your baby learn something aside from just having plain old fun.

I think that’s important since baby’s brains are like sponges when they are little. Just waiting to absorb all the knowledge you can give to them. Imagine that quality, we are so used to with their toys, on the baby furniture they produce. It’s great!

Your baby is throwing a tantrum? Grabs a toy and throws it? No worries, it’s Fisher Price! It takes a lot to break a Fisher Price toy. Let’s see about their furniture or baby gear, shall we?

Let’s start with their bassinet.

But first…

About Fisher Price

Fisher-Price is actually part of the Mattel company, along with other companies you might be familiar with.

Here is a list below:


Barbie’s Signature

Hot Wheels

Mattel Shop

Hot Wheels Collectors

Thomas and Friends


How many are you familiar with? Those above are the sister companies of Fisher-Price, under Mattel. However, the ones below are brands under Fisher-Price.

Little People


Think & Learn

Laugh & Learn

Role Play


Thomas & Friends

Power Wheels

Rescue Heroes

Wonder Makers: Design System

Toy Story 4

Butterbean’s Cafe

Mega Bloks

Shimmer and Shine

Sunny Day

If you are familiar with most of them, then you truly are a parent. I’m sure your babies will love them too!

With that said, let’s check out the bassinet now.

Fisher Price Soothing Motion Bassinet Review

Name: Soothing Motion Bassinet

Price: 149.99 US DOLLARS

Owner: Fisher Price, Under Mattel

My Rating: 10 out of 10


Having a baby is all fun and games, until he refuses to be put down. I understand that some babies are clingy to their parents, especially their moms, but holding a baby for the whole day can get pretty exhausting too.

It can really take a toil on you and might make you regret having a baby in the first place. Post-partum Depression can do that to you.

So to give you a little help, Fisher Price created this wonderful bassinet that can help put your baby to sleep and calm him or her down.

You can purchase this product for only 149.99 US DOLLARS. It’s a bit much, you say, but I say it’s worth the price. Why is that so?

Let me tell you why.

One of the main reasons babies refuse to be put down is because they are afraid of this new world they are in and being held is one way for them to feel loved and secure.

Aww. However, parents need to rest too. They also need to catch up on chores or do the laundry while the baby takes a little nap.

A napping baby is a time for mommy and daddy to rest or finish up on task.

I do understand that parents (especially first time moms and dads) will be a little wary leaving the baby by themselves while they do their chores.

How can Fisher Price help you?


A sleepy baby is cranky, more needy, and more prone to throwing a tantrum. That’s why one of the features of Fisher Price’s Bassinet is the calming swaying motion.

A good night’s sleep is also important for the brain development of a baby, especially during the first few months.

Aside from the swaying motion, you can also turn on calming vibrations for the baby to slowly drift to sleep or just to make him feel like he isn’t alone in the room. The swaying motion and the vibrating motion can help stimulate your baby’s senses.


If your baby is a little bit clingy, something that can distract him might help you get away for a while to pee or to microwave a meal.

The bassinet comes with a mesmerizing overhead mobile with stars are the bassinet gently sways. Ahh, so relaxing.

Fisher Price Soothing Motions Bassinet 2

It’s so great to be a baby.

That light box where the projection is coming from can also serve as a night light. Note that you can remove the light projection and you can use it as a tabletop soother if you wish to do so.

You can also play baby lullabies with the light box. There is just a switch that you need to turn off. This will work nicely too if your baby wants you to sing her to sleep.

Less work for you equals more energy to do other stuff, but even so the baby will not feel neglected. It is a win for everyone involved.



The bassinet comes with soft padding that encourages sleep. Like I said above, getting a good night’s rest is very important for babies. Their brain stores memories and research shows there is an increase in brain activity every time a baby sleeps. A rested baby will be more playful, responsive, and alert to cues during the day. Not only will you enjoy being with your little one, but your little one will enjoy being with you too.

I’m sure you understand how hard it is to lack quality sleep.


You can also be sure that your baby will not, in any way, fall out of the bassinet because of the 360 side rails that are surrounding the baby. As you might have probably noticed in the picture.

Please remember that the use of a bassinet is advised to be only until your baby is 6 months, or until your baby can sit up on her own. When that happens, it is time to transfer your baby to a crib.


After reading that, you might ask yourself: WHY DO I WANT A BASSINET IF I CAN JUST BUY A CRIB?

The reason is simple, a bassinet is more portable than a crib. From my experience, newborn babies nap for two hours or three hours.

They wake up to drink milk or defecate. With a bassinet, you can bring your baby around the house while you do house chores like washing the dishes, cooking, or doing the laundry. You can have your baby within your scope of vision.

You will be able to concentrate on the task at hand, that constantly worrying that your baby woke up or that something bad happened to her.

This will also be able to help prevent SIDS. Have you heard of SIDS? It stands for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. The specific cause for this is unknown but it happens at night.

The baby just stops breathing, so with a bassinet you can position your baby right beside your bed so you can hear if something is going on with him at night.

Remember not to put so many pillows or stuffed toys in your baby’s bassinet as this can cause suffocation. Babies will not need a pillow because the foam of the bassinet is soft.

What are the cons in using a bassinet?

When it comes to cons, I can only think of one and that is the length of usage. Again, you can only use a bassinet until your baby reaches six months or until he can sit up on his own. This is to prevent your baby from falling off the bassinet by climbing down or trying to stand. The rails around the bassinet is not really that tall.

I wish we can use a bassinet for at least a year, but it doesn’t work that way. Bassinets are suitable for newborns to six months of age only.



What did you think about the Fisher Price Soothing Motion Bassinet? Have you tried something from Fisher Price before? If yes, what was the product and how was your experience with it?

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