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Best Toddler Beds in 2020 – Isn’t it amazing to witness your newborn grow from a crawling infant, to slowly learning how to walk and then now, they can run around and start climbing stuff?

Ah, good old days when parents didn’t have to be so worried about them climbing unto everything. And then they begin to talk, sing, and now ask for their own little beds! Time really flies so fast.

There are lots of fun toddler beds available at stores, but as parents I’m sure you want to pick out the best from all the rest. Also it depends on the preference of the child too, what the toddler is into. Is he into cars? Is he into animals?

Does she like pink? Or maybe she is into Paw Patrol too? So parents, be sure to ask your child first what their preference is so that the bed you purchase will be enjoyed.

However, if you plan to stick with a plain bed that is able to blend into the design of the room, that’s fine too! There are lots of stuff you can do to make the room fun for your toddler.

Let’s check these beds out, shall we?


Paw Patrol is really in these days! I mean, who doesn’t enjoy watching dogs drive cars (one even flies a helicopter!) and save the day!

Delta toddler beds are recommended for those who are aged 15 months and up. The original price of this bed is at 64.99 US DOLLARS, but since there is a sale now you can purchase it at 59.97 US DOLLARS.

Allowing you to be able to save 5.02 US DOLLARS! That’s not much I know, but that can be another toy for your child.

So the bed can hold up to 50 pounds in weight, and there are two attached quad rails to keep your toddler safe in bed while he sleeps.

It is made from sturdy steel and high quality plastic. It is so easy to assemble so there’s no need for you to worry about it. It has also met the safety standards set by the CPSC and ASTM.

Best Toddler Beds

What other designs are available?

Aside from Paw Patrol, you can also choose from Toy Story, Lion King, PJ Masks, Sesame Street, Frozen 1 and 2, the classic Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, Ninja Turtles, Cars, Hot Wheels, and Dora the Explorer!

Here is what one buyer had to say about the product:

“Perfect size for my daughter. If you look at photos you’ll see it isn’t very high off floor, so if any falls while sleeping, they won’t get too hurt.


(yes I know it has rails but if your child is like mine, they tend to move around while asleep and can get to end where they could roll off.


In fact she did fall out her first night, but for back up and in bed and fell back to sleep like nothing happened) I took pic also with it next to our bed to show the difference of height. The end rod I messed up on. Thought I slid it through the fabric loop, but apparently I didn’t.


The mattress has good support though so not worried. She loves it. Was excited when it arrived but I had to wait for mattress and I had to get sheets before I put it together. Once put together she wanted to sleep right away, but it was way too early. Lol


Was easy to assemble. The only problem I had was at the foot of bed.


The space between the board and the leg was a bit snug to get my fingers through so I could hold the piece in place while turning the screw. Other than that, was easy. If wasn’t for my toddler trying to “help”, it wouldn’t have taken me long either. Lol” – T. AXT

Delta beds make sleeping fun.

However, I understand if you want something plain, that doesn’t spark “PLAYTIME” and want your child to associate bed with just sleeping. You would want something plain, classic but still safe and comfortable.

If you need help assembling your Delta bed, CLICK THIS.

Let’s check this one out!


It is available in four colors which are namely white, black, dark brown, and grey. You can purchase this product for only 59.99 US DOLLARS. This bed can serve as the first “big-kid” bed for your toddler and surely, it will make him feel like he is all grown up.

As you can see in the picture below, there are guardrails on either side of the bed that can offer added protection for your growing child. It fits the standard modern standard mattresses, and it is made of sustainable high quality New Zealand wood.

And I also have to mention that the finishes down on this bed are non-toxic, which makes it perfectly safe for your child. The product meets or exceeds all federal safety standards.


Best Toddler Beds 1


And it comes with a one year warranty.

Let’s check out what buyers had to say about it:

“My granddaughter just loves sleeping in her toddler bed and slept through the whole night too! It’s safe and close enough to the ground in case she falls off – which I don’t think would ever happen since the side rails work nicely at the head of the bed.


This bed looks much more expensive than what I paid for it and very sturdy, as her 10-year-old sister already slept on it one night and loved it too!


The white wood works perfectly with the rest of the bedroom furniture. I am very satisfied with this purchase.” – DEBBIE


“Perfect! I almost didn’t purchase this item because I was worried my husband may kill me based on the reviews, but it literally took him 15 min to put together and it may have only taken that long because he had our 2 year old handing him screws.


Are there holes missing, yes..but my husband had his impact and just put it together himself, piece of cake. Exactly what we wanted and so happy it wasn’t as frustrating as everyone said.” – AMAMOM


“So, let me start off by saying this bed is very sturdy. I weigh 140 lbs and my daughter weighs 20 and it holds us both. It is also very pleasing to the eye, came in great condition no damages to it or anything.


BUT…. This bed was the most pain in the a** piece of s*** I have ever built. I’ve built many book shelves, end tables, and a changing table but this… THIS MOTHER F***** RIGHT HERE takes the cake.


The brackets are next to impossible to get straight. The fact that the holes were not pre-drilled for those tiny screws pisses me off. The little wooden pegs dont do a damn thing to hold the pieces together which made it 10x more difficult.


Let me tell you. My kids first full sentance is gunna be ugly. I will NEVER buy this product again.


Do yourself a favor and buy one thats already put together on craigslist or facebook or something because this took me 2 hrs, a red face, anger, and sweaty armpits and hands to put this b**** together.” – DAWN L. PANTLE



Aside from fun beds, Delta also makes the classic looking beds like this one:



The colors available for this product are white, black, and grey. Very classic, very minimalist.

So this bed has been made from strong sturdy wood, but I have to tell you that the mattress, bedding, and pillow aren’t included when you are making the purchase.

It is low to the ground which makes it safe for toddlers and also so it is easy for them to go up and down the bed by themselves. As you can see in the picture, there are also guardrails included to keep your child safe.

The bed is also easy to assemble and it has been tested for lead and other toxic elements to meet or exceed government and ASTM safety standard.

The assembled dimensions are 55.25 inches X c 30 Inches D x 27.75 Inches in Height.

This bed is recommended for children who are 15 months and above.

“Can I give it six stars? I was looking for a toddler bed for my granddaughter when she comes for sleepovers. Sturdiness and ease of assembly where my criteria. I definitely made the right choice here!


Reading the reviews of this product and other less expensive beds, it was clear that the others had issues with assembly instructions, etc. I, alone, grandmother, put this together in just over an hour. No sweat! A few awkward positions while installing the bolts, but manageable.


It certainly appears sturdy enough for “five little monkeys jumping on the bed.” Certainly for one active toddler!
It is very cute style bed, all smooth and rounded edges, safe for children.


Can’t wait to for the mattress I ordered to arrive so that I can finish making up the bed!
The packaging was perfect! All pieces clearly labeled, all hardware sealed up in packaging, very clearly labeled.


Directions easy to read and great illustrations. No problem there. This is a great little bed even though it cost a bit more than the others, I was happy to spend a few extra dollars to be able to get it put together by myself quickly and easily. You will too!” – Diane


What do you think of the beds we have featured above? Do you think your little one is ready for his or her own toddler bed? It is such a bittersweet feeling seeing our little ones grow.

How parents wish that time could slow down, even for just a little bit, but of course, we can only be grateful that we are by their sides to witness their growth.

Which of the beds did you like the best?

Which of the beds did you like the least?

Let us know in the comments below!

Also don’t forget to share with your friends and family in case they are looking to buy a bed for their little person.

Have a great day ahead!

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  1. These are quite some beauties to behold. My sister would definitely find these to be worthy because she has kids that are still within the range of use of these beds. Thank you so much. I like the various designs and the simplicity in the blending of the colours room just perfect for me and would be worth the purchase

  2. hello, it is a great and nice feeling to know that someone will create a great website like this and also create a write up on an article like this. i have always loved beds that are made from delta like the delta children bennett toddler bed. the comfort and durability is amazing. thank you for this post

  3. Well, back in “my day”, we never had such a thing as a toddler bed! {My mother would say}. And now, as Granny, and one of the chief child minders of a toddler, I am sooooo grateful for our toddler bed for our grandson. We were using a playpen for a while, and found it to be dangerous for him to be climbing out of [which he did with regularity], so we did some research on toddler beds. Glad your article proves our purchase. The height for him to climb into and out of, “a big boy bed”. The side rails are a must for us, as he does like to move around while he sleeps. The overall dimensions of the toddler bed make it an easy fit at the foot of our spare bedroom bed, and he loves it. I love our toddler bed, and would recommend it for every grandparent who enjoys sleepovers with the grandkids!

  4. First of all thank you so much for sharing such an excellent article with us .I always look for the best toddler bed for my baby .Because this bed has many benefits that you have very nicely highlighted through your article .And I purchased your article on DELTA CHILDREN PAW PATROL TODDLER BED and I think one of the best .It is made from Sturdy Steel and high quality plastic and has two attached quad rails to protect my baby. To sum it all up I feel great for my baby .

    Lastly, I hope every parent will benefit greatly from reading your article and find the best Toddler Bed to live with and they will certainly share their new experiences with you.

  5. Thank you so much for this informative article. I was looking for something like this for my little Baby , and finally found. This Bed really good i think. I’ll order one next day for my Baby. By this article i have know about this Beds, that’s why thankful to author. 

    Thanks Again for this beautiful article. 

    Good wishes for the products…                      

  6. Hey, thanks for the nice article that is extremely useful. These product are really nice to use. These product is helpful for child. 

    you have posted about best toddler beds of 2020. They all are nice. I was looking for a bed for my child. All of them I will buy DELTA CHILDREN PAW PATROL TODDLER BED. The only reason behind it that is nice and my child like it than others. So I will buy it as soon as possible. Thanks a lot for the post.

  7. Hi,

    I feel like it was just a few weeks ago I was standing outside the labor ward or maternity ward and praying for my wife’s normal delivery. Last Monday the 2nd of March our baby completed 12 months and we celebrated his first birthday, glory to GOD! Indeed, time really flies.

    Here I am looking for the best toddler bed for our little champ. The description and reviews you have provided are very helpful in making my purchase decision. I am planning to go with Delta beds and the video you embedded is very helpful. The pricing is also under my budget. For sure, your article saved me a lot of time and effort.


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