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Best Highchairs and Booster Seats – At the sixth month mark, our little infants will be able to do more things now compared to how they were during their third month, an important milestone that they can do would be to start munching on solid food, but of course, the “solid” food that will eat aren’t really solid but puree.

Please remember this: “Food before one is just play”. Babies under one year old can survive on just breast milk but it is still a must to let them taste food so that we can add to their nutrients and just prepare them for eating when they hit one year old.


Important to note: Do not try to feed your baby if he or she is still below 6 months old. You see, their system is not yet ready to take it and might choke or have digestive problems. Please wait until the baby reaches his or her 6th month.


Also when feeding your baby, please feed your baby one vegetable at a time. For example, during the first week, you will feed your baby only pureed carrots.

So the baby will only have carrots for the whole week, then when the baby doesn’t develop any allergies to the said vegetable then you can proceed to the next vegetable. As said, we do this to find out if the baby is allergic to a certain food.

Most allergies come out after four days, so if you mix two food together, you won’t be sure exactly which one the baby is allergic to.

+ Do not try to feed your baby honey until he turns one year old.

That being said, let us proceed to our products for today: Booster seats and high chairs! Are they necessary?

Personally, I would say yes. One way to entice a baby to eat would be to involve the baby during meal times, and how can a baby feel involved if he or she doesn’t have her own chair, right?

Let’s take a look at the products right now.




Booster seats are great if you want to save space, and also if you want something portable. For only 26.99 US DOLLARS, you will be able to get your own Fisher Price booster seat.

This booster seat got perfect 5 stars rating with over 2,863 ratings! Curious? Let’s take a look at the product, shall we?

So once you purchase the item, you will be unboxing it from a frustration free, easy to open packing, and good to note, the packaging is a hundred per cent recyclable. Not only that, it is ready to use and easy to strap to a chair.

Due to the strap, it is very secure and able to stay steady on most dining and kitchen chairs. This product also comes with a dishwasher safe feeding tray.

What frustrates me the most about some chairs is that whatever the baby eats, there is a high chance of small crumbs getting inside the sides and attracting ants.

But Fisher-Price has solved that problem with their easy clean seat. There are no crevices to trap crumbs. No crumbs, no ants.

The harness of the booster seat allows you to choose from three adjustable points.

If you are the type of family that loves to move about or travel, this product is for you. You can fold it and you can easily carry it using it’s over the shoulder carry strap.

Best Highchairs and Booster Seats 1

Best Highchairs and Booster Seats 2

Best Highchairs and Booster Seats 3

Let’s read up some reviews about this product:

I decided to skip the high chair and go straight to a booster. The seat straps securely onto a regular chair. Secure the belts and attach tray and done. Tray needs to be attached immediately because baby/toddler is not secure with the belt staps at all.


I do not have any trouble attaching tray. Cleans very easily however, the straps are a bit more difficult since they do not detach.


Lots of grooves for food to get stuck in but just make sure to clean after each use and it is not an issue. Overall I could not be more happy with this seat. Saves space and does the job.” – Sexy But Classy

Watch this video to watch a Youtube video about this product. Be sure to check out Fisher-Price Soothing Motions Bassinet.

What do you think about the booster seat? If highchairs are more of your thing, let’s take a look at this one below.


2.) EVENFLO 4-IN-1 Eat And Grow Convertible High Chair

Pro: It is practical. You can use it for yours since you can convert it to a table when your child doesn’t need to be in a highchair anymore.

Con: The way the legs of this high chair is spread out really takes a lot of space so if you want to save space, you may want to think and see if you have space for this one.

You can purchase this product for only 57.99 US DOLLARS. There are different colors available like purple, pink, and green.

Okay, since it is four in one, you can use this product as an infant high chair, a baby dining chair and tray, a toddler stand alone chair, and a big kid table and chair. So many uses!

When it comes to safety, you don’t have to worry as well. The product comes with a five point safety harness and for comfort, there’s a washable seat pad.

Learn how to properly use this product, if you decide to get this one with this video. I personally like this because I can still use it even if my baby doesn’t need a high chair anymore, maybe until school-age as long as he or she can fit.

“If it fits, I sits!” as the cat says.

Here are some pictures of the product:

Best Highchairs and Booster Seats 4

Best Highchairs and Booster Seats 5

Let’s take a look at some reviews about the product:

“This is a four star high chair that can easily be five with three simple mods. Experienced parent here so listen up newbies!…

1 – Toss the pad. It is a hassle, an extra germ habitat, and your baby comes equipped with padding.

2 – There is a recess in the seat about the size of two quarters that collects nasty and is very difficult to clean. Drill out the bottom.

3 – The tray has a green post that collects water in the dishwasher. Drill a hole in the bottom.

My wife is a change-averse skeptic. But she kisses me longer now that I made these mods!” – Renee


“I just got this delivered a few hours ago and got to use it with both kiddos. Might just have to buy another! Love it already!!! Son is almost 2.5 and daughter just turned 1 and absolutely love how I can use this highchair in multiple positions!!


(Also have a Fisher Price one that attaches to a chair.) This one is a great replacement for the massive Graco one we have and I am very happy with my purchase!


Seems super easy to clean and is very easy to change from highchair to chair and table.
Sidenote…..why the heck is the pink one like $20 more than the green one???? Geeeeeez :\” — Melissa B.


Which one are you getting? Which one would work best for you and your family? And not to mention your budget!

Share with us your experience below! And don’t forget to forward this article to someone who might need it.

Hopefully with the help of this article, you found out more about the product that you are interested in or you were able to find what works best for you and your home.

Remember it doesn’t have to be hard, it can be easy, it doesn’t need to be expensive so you can be sure that it is high quality, it can be practical and it can still serve it’s purpose! Be smart!

Have a great day!

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  1. For me, Its the OXO Tot Sprout Wooden Chairclassic wooden high chair is both sturdy and durable. Tool-free, you can easily adjust the height and depth of the seat, allowing the product to grow with your child.

    One thing that really made us get this chair was the five-point harness that holds your baby very tight so you are sure he/she is secured.

  2. I think highchairs and boosters are one of the best things you could buy your toddler. I don’t know how many times I couldn’t get my kid to sit in his chair when he was a child but this seems to be a no brainer. My sister is pregnant and I will be telling her to get one of these! My favorite is the FISHER PRICE HEALTHY CARE BOOSTER SEAT because it’s effective and affordable. Thanks!

  3. Hi! Thank you very much for helping me with this decision. I had seen a couple of booster seats before but none felt quite right. So I’m happy to come across this Fisher Price booster seat. First of all I think it’s super affordable, I like it’s cool colors and what I like the most is that there are no crevices to trap crumbs.

  4. My sisters baby is just almost 6 months but we believe that we need to seriously plan ahead and this is why we have decided to buy a booster seat for her. I see that you have also given some very important details to note about child feeding as well. I do not know if my sister knows all about that but I will do my part to share this post with her. Thanks!


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