Best Breast Pumps of 2020

Choosing one the best breast pumps of 2020 is important. Whether it is manual or electric it doesn’t matter because it is more about the baby health.

Presently the World Health Organization is encouraging mothers, especially first time moms, to do breastfeeding.

Aside from the fact that by direct breastfeeding allowing you to take control of your finances, breast milk is scientifically proven to be able to aid in the immune system of your newborn.

Most people aren’t aware that the breast milk is full of antibodies that fight off bad bacteria, and also that it is able to adjust it’s components to the needs of your baby.

For example, let’s say your newborn is experiencing a slight runny nose.

From the composition of your newborn’s saliva, the breast will be able to detect the health state of your newborn and because of this, the breast will now make milk to better suit the current health status of the baby so that it will be able to boost the health of the newborn.

But what can breastfeeding do for the mothers? Breastfeeding doesn’t only bring good things for the baby but also to the mom by helping the mom loose the fats gained during pregnancy. Summer ready body soon!

But what about those moms who are working and have to leave their little ones? Not all work places will allow moms to bring their infants.

It is so sad when a mother has to choose between being physically there for her child and being able to work and provide for the baby. This is especially hard for single mothers.

But with a breast pump, you will be able to continue breastfeeding your little one while you are away at work. At least you are sure that your little baby is getting the nutritional value that their small body needs at this time.

There are lots of wonderful breast pumps available online that you can choose from. You have manual breast pumps and the electric breast pumps.

Let’s check out the manual breast pumps first.



I’ve heard a lot about the Haakaa, and it is by far one of the most popular breast pumps. I know a lot of moms who personally recommend this. Let’s see why.

The Haakaa Silicone breast pump allows you to express the milk in your breasts through natural suction.

Most people would complain about manual pumps as being tiring because you have to squeeze a handle bar repeatedly, but this product solves that problem. All you will have to do is squeeze it, attach it to your breast, and wait for the milk to flow.

It’s hassle-free and it’s not hard to figure out like some electric pumps.

Squeeze, attach, and then watch your milk let down.

Also it is thin, easy to clean, and portable. You can easily bring it with you during travels, commutes to work, car rides, or anywhere that you want to express milk. It is silent, discreet, and it does the job quickly.

Big breasted or small breasted, it doesn’t matter because the Haakaa Manual Breast pump is perfect for every boob. The silicone is also super soft so it’s gentle and comfortable for every skin type.

Best Breast Pumps

Best Breast Pumps 1

“Just buy it! Seriously amazing product! All the nurses in the Nicu were impressed and asking what this was! My haakaa expresses more per feeding than my Nicu baby does.


It really helped me in the Nicu so nurses could take what they needed for ng tube feeding top offs to meet his required feeding amounts. Now that we are home it’s like my milk came in all over again and I’m trying not to pump like I had to in the Nicu.


I could build quite a stash from my haakaa alone at this point! This picture was after not pumping through the night but still feeding my son.


Second picture is my pumped amounts from the hospital grade pump in the Nicu vs what was caught in the haakaa. I seriously love this thing!


Edited to add, now I am not pumping at all just using the haakaa on the side I’m not nursing on and I put them in my little storage bottles throughout the day.


At the end of the day I combine them into storage bags in desired amounts to freeze. The last picture I’ve added is the amounts from the haakaa alone after 24 hours. It was approximately 20 ounces from the haakaa alone!!” – LIZZY



Best Breast Pumps 2


Some words to describe Medela Breast pump would be: Easy, Convenient, and Research-based.

This is also one of the manual pumps that’s very popular, but compared to the Haakaa above, you have to actually do the work. This breast pump has been designed to suit the time that you are away from your little one.

You’ll see in the picture below that there is a soft to touch handle for enhanced comfort. For short, so your hand doesn’t ache so much from pumping.

Best Breast Pumps 3

The control allows you to adjust the suction for your most optimal comfort level and an efficient flow of breast milk.

So once the milk starts to flow, you can switch to the longer side of the handle which then creates a slower sucking cycle allowing you to express the majority of your milk.

So what makes this pump unique from all the other manual pumps? Is that it has been researched.

The design has been patented to allow mothers to pump more milk in less time since it resembles a baby’s natural sucking rhythm to which the breast will respond to by letting more let down of milk.

When purchased, you will see two 5 ounce per 150 milligrams breast milk bottles with lids, a bottle stand, one valve, and two membranes. You will also see instructions included and a breast feeding information guide.

Trust Medela! The company has been founded since 1961, it has been long recognized as an expert advocate of breastfeeding through its development of innovative, researched-based breast pump technology.

This brand is the most used in hospitals.

Let’s see what one buyer had to say about this product:

“I love this manual breast pump. I am able to actually express my milk quicker with this pump then I am with any electric breast pump. I’m able to empty both breasts within 15 to 20 minutes. And that is with pumping 4 to 5 ounces from each breast.


I love the handle as it helps to keep my hands from cramping which is nice. I found that if you don’t wash the handle which has the rubber ring on it then you really don’t ever have an issue with needing to replace the O-ring on it like some of the other reviewers have said .


I’ll just wipe the handle down with the baby wipes every once in a while.” – SARAH BETH

Read my full Medela Harmony Breast Pump Review.

Now let’s go to electric pumps. Most electric pumps require batteries or being plugged to an electric socket.


If you are a newborn mom, you might be a little anxious before you get to use an electric pump. One thing I’ve heard about electric pumps is that they hurt but they aren’t tiring compared to manual pumping.

One thing you have to note about this product is that it is PAIN FREE.

The original price of this product was at 77.44 US DOLLARS, but as of the moment Amazon is having a sale so this product is currently being sold at only 59.89 US DOLLARS. This allows you to save 17.55 US DOLLARS. Steal!

So how do you use an electric pump?

Bellababy comes with two pieces of milk storage bag adapters and ten pieces of storage bag, so moms will be able to express the milk from their breasts and directly store it in the storage bags due to the adapters.

Best Breast Pumps 4



You can be sure that the milk will be stored clean and fresh because of the closed system provided by this product.  You will be able to choose between four modes, and 9 levels of suction. You will also be able to stimulate your breasts before you pump.

Stimulating your breasts before pumping will allow your breasts to prepare or know that “Oh, time to make milk!”. Those who have already tried this breast pump assures that this electric pump is comfortable and completely pain free.

It also comes with a high definition screen that displays the working mode, suction level time, and the battery status so you can keep yourself oriented.

It is a sensitive touch panel and quite easy to operate. Aside from that the pump is lightweight and portable, requires a 2200 mAh Li-on Battery that’s built-in.

This electric pump is good for travel.

Let’s see what one buyer has to say about this product:

Really great size, small and compact while still being very powerful. It actually hurt just a little when I first used it.


Power is comparable to my hospital grade Medela symphony and Spectra S2 with even more suction modes.


I was able to use Spectra adapter tubing to use this pump with Freemie cups making it ultra portable! Yay! The battery lasts for at least 3 20-min pumping sessions and doesn’t seem to lose much suction power in that time.


It’s great for a work or car pump. I felt I was taking a risk in buying it at first but it’s turned out to be a fantastic purchase!” – CDPIPS



You can get this electric pump for 62.49 US DOLLARS. Is it worth the price?

This breast pumps is versatile and effective. They say that this is the ultimate when it comes to comfort.

It has three pumping styles and eight suction levels that will be able to match your baby’s feeding patterns and maximize comfort and milk production.

Aside from that, it is flexible and hygienic because of the closed system design that is able to keep the breast milk from backing up into the motor or the tubing, thus preventing mold and bacteria build-up.

You will be able to use it as a single or a double electric pump.

This product was made by a breast feeding mom so it has been supported by moms for more than 35 years and has won many breast pump awards.

The company also sells nipple creams, nursing pads, and breast milk storage bags that helps families be more convenient.

Best Breast Pumps 5

So do you prefer manual or an electric pump? I hope you liked the choices we have for today. Have you ever pumped before? Or are you having plans to do so?

You can leave a comment below!

Don’t forget to share to your other mom friends! Happy feeding!

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  1. When my babies were born, I used manual breast pumps for that reason I would gift the Bellababy Double Electric Breast Feeding Pumps to my daughter in law. I feel that the electric pump would be something she can graduate to later. 

    Plus the price is pretty good too if she doesn’t like it, then I wont be out too much.

  2. Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us .Your registration is very important the current world organization is encouraging breastfeeding.And because breast milk is full of antibodies that fight against the bad bacteria.But with breast pumps, I had no idea how my wife would be able to continue breastfeeding my baby while in a low work area.After reading your article I got the whole idea.I would like to HAAKAA MANUAL BREAST PUMP for my wife.Because my little baby is not getting enough satisfaction in his mother’s breast milk.Hakka manual breast pump seems to be hassle-free to me because there are many breast pumps that make electrical procedures seem very troublesome to me because I think electrical systems are harmful to the nipples.I would tell my wife to use this pump and share new experiences with you.

    • Hello! Thank you for sharing this with us! We hope your wife liked the HAAKAA Breast Pump! <3 Yes, breastfeeding has a lot of benefits but the comfort of the breastfeeding mom has to be taken into consideration also.

  3. Many thanks to you for sharing such a wonderful article with us and I must say, it is very helpful article for mothers like me. I am a working woman and I am a mother to a child .My baby is six months old but I am obliged to leave him now because he has to run my family .Then I was thinking of looking for some pump for my baby’s health and regular breastfeeding. Since breastfeeding is best for the baby and helps boost immunity, it can be no substitute. I purchased the HAAKAA MANUAL BREAST PUMP in your article and am using it .It’s so convenient and has been so helpful to me, I can’t explain in your language .It is thin, easy to clean and portable so I can work with it very easily and even provide enough milk for my baby while traveling, even at work. It is very comfortable, discreet and can work fast and is very soft so helpful to my skin and the biggest thing I noticed is that it works without sound .And this has seemed to me the best breast pump .
    Finally, after reading your article, I hope that working mothers will be able to collect pumps like this and share new experiences with me soon.It will also provide adequate milk for the baby’s well-being .

    • Hi! Thank you very much for your comment! 🙂 We are happy to hear that we have somehow helped you in choosing the right pump for you! We hope you will continue on your breastfeeding journey with no worries and no hassles! <3 All the best for you and your baby!


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