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Searching for the best baby cradles is such a stressful situation for parents? You would think that it wouldn’t matter and that they were all the same, right?

Imagine being inside the womb for nine whole months, and then suddenly being pushed out into a bright, cold world…

When you put that in mind, you won’t really wonder why newborns cry so much and want to be held a lot. When you take a look at our best crib selection post, you might notice that it seems a bit too big for a newborn.

Too spacious, and honestly after being stuck in a small warm place for quite a while, immediately putting a newborn on a crib will be such a big change for him or her. So why not invest in a bassinet, more known as a cradle?

There are lots of affordable cradles, and because the cradle is smaller than a crib, I believe that it will give your newborn more security instead of being stuck in a wide open unknown. So I have listed the best baby cradles below to save you time.

So if you are going for a more traditional looking cradle, you may like the first two. Let’s take a look at them shall we?


You can purchase this cradle for only 209.52 US DOLLARS, and the only color available is French White. I think the color white is perfect because of it’s ability to blend into any nursery decoration.

Best Baby Cradles

You will love this beautiful hand crafted cradle. It is so sturdy and durable that the many of those who have purchased it have turned it into a heirloom. You can pass it on from generation to generation, as long as termites do not find it.

It is made from wood after all. The cradle comes with stoppers so that you can take a break from the constant rocking, in case your newborn is being rocked too much.

As you can see in the picture above, great care has been placed into this cradle. Take notice of the intricate design and detailed curves. The cradles already comes with a fitted mattress and tools that will make your assembly of the cradle easier.

Orbelle Baby and Teen furniture started around 1991 in Brooklyn. They got so many orders that around 2005, they had to move their warehouse to a bigger one on Long Island, New York.

Because of this move, they are now able to speed up their deliveries to 72 hours the most. The company is proving to be committed to quality and serving their customers.

I must also mention that since the company is family owned, they have an insight on what parents prefer.

The item weighs about 31 pounds, and its dimensions are 39.5 x 27.5 x 36 inches.

Let’s see what a customer had to say after making a purchase.

“I LOVE my cradle! So thrilled to have found it on Amazon. I searched high and low for an elegant, classy looking cradle. I am NOT fond of the standard bassinets found on every well-known baby site and I definitely do NOT like the bassinets on wheels.


I wanted the look of a crib without the size. This fit the bill perfectly and it looks awesome in my bedroom.


Every family member who’s seen it loves it. It’s definitely an heirloom type of piece and could definitely be passed down from family member to family member. Very pleased with my purchase.” – Fashionista34

Let’s move on to the next one…


This cradle is currently on sale at 111.09 US DOLLARS from 132.98 US DOLLARS, this allows you to save 21.89 US DOLLARS.

It is available in multiple colors too, that will be able to blend well with the theme of your nursery or home in general. We have a plain black, plain white, wooden color, and a combination of gray and white.

So what makes this cradle perfect for newborns? You can use this until your child is able to sit straight or push up on his hands and knees.

Luna Cradle offers a twist on a classic design because of the straight lines, solid side panels, and the x cross base for easy rocking.

Here is a picture:

Best Baby Cradles 1

The cradle has also been tested and it meets (even exceeds) the current applicable safety standards for children’s products.

Expect your baby to sleep through the night.

Let’s see what a recent buyer had to say about their purchase:

“We bought this to put next to our bed for the first few months after baby gets here. After using our pack and play with bassinet topper last time, we found it was super bulky, a lot to move around, and it didn’t rock.


I’m ecstatic about this bassinet in comparison! It was a breeze to assemble, the silvery/gray is very attractive, and the space inside is much larger than I anticipated.


I bought an additional baby lounger to place inside from a separate company, expecting the mattress to be hard, but was pleasantly surprised to find that it’s actually rather cushy.


My only negative feedback is that the construction on the base wiggles a bit, even with the screws tightened. I’m sure we’ll just keep a good eye on it, and tighten it up here and there if it seems to get too wiggly.


Overall, I’m thrilled with the purchase, and absolutely recommend this piece of nursery furniture!!!” – Amazon Customer

Read my full Dream On Me Luna Cradle review.

Now if you are looking for something light, you might like these:


If your newborn enjoys being rocked to sleep, then you would probably enjoy this. Although rocking the baby to sleep is a sweet, bonding activity, we can’t deny that doing every two hours or four hours will get tiring.

Plus all those chores that you still need to catch up on! Don’t worry, this crib is coming to your rescue.

It can rock on its own!

The manufacturers of this product considered the safety concerns that new parents will have about this, the swing bed has many practical functions so it is probably one of the best choices.

As I said, it’s automatic swing is very good because 1.) it is adjustable, it has a timing function (every 15 mins, 30 mins, and 45 mins) to keep your baby sleeping peacefully.

It also comes with a remote control and a panel control, a detachable toy set. And I must also mention that it comes with preset baby music and nature sounds that lets the baby feel safe and comfortable.

Best Baby Cradles 2

You can also bring this cradle outside and protect your baby from insects, most especially mosquitoes, thanks to the bed net. There is also a thick shade cloth that effectively resists direct light and gives the baby a comfortable and safe sleep.

Speaking of safe, the cradle also comes with a safe fixed belt that prevents the baby from climbing, a soft non-slip mat design to increase the cradle and the ground friction that allows you to protect the stability and stop it from shaking.

It keeps the swinging stable.

The weight limit is 44 pounds, and you can charge it with an adapter (included) and/or insert a 4 AA batteries (not included).

Let’s see what one buyer said about it:

“This is the awesome product, the old version of the cradle tend to make sound and had stability issues. This cradle is designed such a way that doesn’t slide. Height is too a beneficial.


– stability
– less expensive
– good height
– good design and toys attached


– pillow is average.
– Should have included good bed.” – Hari Krishna

And lastly, we have something that you may be interested in. It isn’t one where your baby will sleep during the night though but it’s great for a short nap or somewhere you can put your newborn in while you do something.


Best Baby Cradles 3

The price of this product is at 24.99 US DOLLARS.

The best thing about this is that it isn’t really a cradle, but it can act like one. It is very portable, allowing your baby to relax anywhere and keep him safe and entertained.

This comes with soothing vibrations that will keep the baby calm and attended to. The product also provides an extra support and comfort for the baby while mom and dad are away.

As you can see in the picture, the cradle comes with two hanging toys for more entertainment. But this one is best for infants until they reach 6 months only.

Let’s see what buyers had to say about the purchase:

“We bought a fancy expensive bouncer for our baby and he hated it! Not to mention it was heavy and bulky. We decided to buy this bouncer for our camper and I’m so glad we did!


Baby prefers this one much more! It’s easy to put together and move around. Only think I don’t love is that the little play arch with toys doesn’t lock into place.” – Taylor Marlow


“We have tried couple of other bouncers that we returned before we got this one. They were hard to bounce smoothly.


This one bounces smoothly and easily. Our baby isn’t a huge fan of bouncers as it is, as we have found out, but he is able to sit in this one for some time. I would recommend this item.” – Nadia M



What do you think about our selection for today? Have you ever tried any of the products above?

What do you think of cradles? Do you think your baby will enjoy being in a cradle?

If you need something else (maybe a crib?), we have prepared articles for you. Be sure to look around the website for more informative reads! Also feel free to leave a comment below!

See you next time!


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  1. Who sat and watched my infant head

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    You have given us 100% reason to consider cradles for our babies; thank you for sharing the best baby cradles for 2020 as we babies absolutely deserve the best of comfort from us. I love these cradles especially the first one. Although the price is a bit high, it’s very much affordable for our precious ones. Thanks for sharing your recommendations.

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  2. Thanks a million, you just helped me find a perfect gift for my niece, a good way to welcome her to this bright cold world as you described. Mickey mouse Disney is affordable and I know the mother will like the structure, also she will love the fact that it can keep her baby calm while she attends to other things

  3. Out of your list, the UENJOY AUTOMATIC BABY BASKET ELECTRIC ROCKING is my favorite. Having low pillow is not a problem as you could get enough comfort for your baby using his/her bedsheets and blankets.

    The fact of having configurable time spams for rocking is a great functionality. I wish We’d get one of those for Alisha (our first baby, now 36months old), she used to get up every 30 minutes like Swift clocked. One experience of that kind on life is enough (Jael will sleep on one of this!).

    thanks for a great product review post!


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