Best Baby Changing Tables 2020

Most parents look for convenience with regards to the baby furniture they are purchasing, like buying best baby changing tables. But at the same time parents also want to know if furniture is really a need. We all want to save money.

We don’t want to unnecessarily spend on stuff that we probably won’t be using all of the time. That’s why when a changing table sometimes comes up, most are skeptical.


A diaper changing table doesn’t only help the baby but it also helps the mom or the babysitter by making it convenient for her to find all the needed materials for changing diapers in one place. ALSO, think of your back!

A proper changing table helps you maintain proper body posture and alignment while changing your baby’s diaper. It is also safe for a baby to have a baby changing table so he or she can be safe.

No rolling down, and you – no need to overly bend down, especially if you are changing the diaper on the bed, which is what usually happens when we don’t have a diaper changing table. Right?

Let’s take a look at some baby diaper changing tables:


If you’ve been checking out some articles on this site, you may have seen the Delta brand a couple of times.

Best Baby Changing Tables

The original price of this changing table is at 124.99 US DOLLARS but as of the moment, you can purchase it for only 89.99 US DOLLARS at Amazon.

Hurry! But if you want to buy the one with a changing pad, the price of that will be at 113.98 US DOLLARS.

You have four colors to choose from: white, gray, black, and chocolate brown.

The changing table is made from strong and sturdy wood, and the changing pad included with it is a water-resistant changing pad with a safety strap. The foam construction ensures comfort and stability.

In addition, it also has a non-toxic finish that has been tested for lead and other toxic elements to meet or exceed government and ASTM safety standard. It is also quite easy to assemble.

Let’s see what some buyers thought of this product:

The changing table is great quality for the price, is a good height, and matched our nursery very well.


A lot of people told us we would not get much use out of a changing table, but we did not find that to be the case at all.


My baby boy is four months old, and we have changed an untold number of diapers on this table. It makes life easy.” – Canescent


We were going to buy a changing table from buybuy baby. It was too big and cost a lot more. I am glad we got this one instead.


Like others have suggested, I bought a thicker changing pad, the Summer Infant contour changing pad. The table came with a thin pad and 2 straps that were too small for the thicker pad.


Summer Infant instructions said to use the cheap screw they provided and screw a hole through a strap and into the back of my brand new table..not going to happen.


The table comes with two pre drilled holes underneath where the pad goes and some sturdy nuts and bolts. The table also comes with two straps that have premade holes for the bolts.


I used one of the smaller straps that came with the table. I attached it underneath the table using the premade hole and the sturdy nut and bolt. I cut off the other end with the buckle.


Make sure to use a lighter to melt the end where you cut so it won’t fray. Then, lace this through the summer infant buckle. It is way sturdier this way and you won’t ruin your brand new table.” – S-Kaf



If wood is not really your thing, you can try this one. At 94.99 US DOLLARS, you can have this brilliant product.

Best Baby Changing Tables 1

The best thing about this product is that it is very portable, compared to the wooden product above. As you can see in the picture, there are adjustable wheels with locks, so you will be able to move it around even in rough ground.

The company recently upgraded it’s rolling load capacity to 110 pounds. I must also add that the bottom can be adjusted from 32.9 inches to 36.9 inches.

The product also comes with a portable table and a drying rack making it more easy for you to save or maximize space after finishing baby’s tasks. When unused, you can also change it from a table to a drying rack stand.

Despite that, there is no need for you to worry because the table is really sturdy, durable, and can last for a long time if well taken care of.

I must also mention that this changing table is safe and skin-friendly. And for a parent’s convenience, the changing table comes with a larger storage organizer that has been equipped with five baskets beside the table.

You will be able to store diapers, towels, tissues, small baby toys, and etc within your reach.

Let’s see what buyers had to say about this product:

“This thing has saved our backs! We were bending over a pack and play trying to change our baby when we were downstairs. We found this and it’s been a lifesaver. My husband and I are both tall so it’s great that it extends so high.


Sturdy, plenty of pockets for all the essentials. Easy to move around. Not too big, fits in our family room without taking up too much space. Totally worth the money.” – Jessica Copley


We are very happy with this item. We are first time parents and we were using the changing table that came as part of our pack and play for diaper changes in our living room.


After experiencing awful back pain from bending over the table constantly, we realized how low it was. I was so happy to find this reasonably priced easy solution! Highly recommend.” – Sareen



Look at this video.

BUT IF YOU REALLY REALLY WANT TO SAVE SPACE, consider a wall-mounted changing table. Yes, this one is just like the ones you see in the mall comfort rooms.

Best Baby Changing Tables 2

This product will definitely save you space, but it will not be portable. It is designed for the use of infants and also toddlers up to 3 and a half years old.

The surface of this changing table is smooth and comfortable concave, and as you can see in the picture above, there is an adjustable child-safety strap to keep the kids in place.

Included in this product are two diaper bag hooks that can hold up to 25 pounds each to keep personal items off the floor. You will also see two built-in sanitary paper liner dispensers and 500 disposable liners.

I must also mention that this changing table is ADA, ANSI, and ASTM complaint when properly installed by a professional.

Let’s see what some of our buyers had to say about their purchase:

“We purchased this changing table for our church’s restroom. Installation is pretty straightforward with clear instructions and a bar to assist with ensuring the product is level. One note on installation – the hardware is not included.


The directions give various examples of installation situations and the hardware to purchase, which include lag bolts and toggle bolts. Note that these do add a little to the cost of this product.


Once installed, this changer is very sturdy. All in all, my installation utilizes 6 toggle bolts (each rated for 50 lbs) and 3 lag bolts into studs.


In fact, if I put some weight on the changer my wall moves without the changer pulling out or bending.


The safety strap securely holds the child in the changer while the two compartments allow for protective sheets, diapers or wipes to be stored.


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