Best Baby Carriers 2020

Let me help you find one of the Best Baby Carriers! Medical experts say that babies, especially newborns, love being close to their mothers. The smell and the warmth of their mom brings them great comfort.

There are some babies who greatly dislike being put down for a long time, which is totally understandable if you think about it.

I mean after being in the womb for nine months, babies have been used to the warm environment inside the tummies, the feeling of being cradled and fed all the time. It is really no wonder that babies cry all the time.

However, moms or even dads cannot carry their babies all the time because adult stuff that has to be done like grocery shopping, cooking, laundry, cleaning, and other stuff that requires the usage of both hands.

That’s why baby carriers have been invented.

The trick in choosing a baby carrier is that it is supposed to be comfortable for your baby – not too loose, not too big, not too tight, just right or else the baby will be crying and you won’t be able to get anything done.

One more thing that you have to consider or put in mind when purchasing a baby carrier is the risk of hip dysplasia. What is hip dysplasia?

Dysplasia is simply another world for dislocation. There are some carriers which disrupt or get in the way of healthy hip positioning. As a parent, how do you prevent this?

One way would be to choose the appropriate baby carrier that would promote proper hip alignment.


Best Baby Carriers
NO.  The baby’s legs are just dangling down.
Best Baby Carriers 1
YES, THIS IS BETTER. The baby is able to sit properly and the legs aren’t just dangling down.
Best Baby Carriers 2
In the first carrier above, the baby’s thigh isn’t supported by the knee joint. This position can contribute to hip dysplasia.
Best Baby Carriers 3
In this picture, the thigh is supported in the knee joint. Thus, the pressure on the hip are lesser because the legs are spread, and the hip is supported by the knee joint.

Let’s check out these products:

1.) YOU + ME 4-in-1 Ergonomic Baby Carrier

Watch this video to help learn how to properly secure your baby using this baby carrier.

You can purchase this baby carrier for only 24.92 US DOLLARS.

It is 4-in-1 because it allows you to use it as a back carrier, 2 Front Carry Facing In options for newborns and toddlers, Front Carry Facing Out for babies 6+ months, and Back Carry wide seat for toddlers.

Best Baby Carriers 4

The carrier allows the baby to actually sit, and be comfortable. The material used is breathable 3D cool mesh lining that promotes better airflow. The carrier also comes with a stylish 2-in-1 Bandanna bip that can be used with the carrier or separately.

Aside from the baby’s comfort, you will also be using it too and the Brand hasn’t forgotten you at all. In fact, You+Me has made sure that wearing the baby carrier will be comfortable for you too.

It doesn’t matter what body shape or size that you have – petite to plus-sized, man or woman – the carrier will be able to fit you perfectly and it is adjustable.

Let’s read some customer reviews about this product:

“We are a family of 3 who loves to travel. I decided to give this carrier a try considering its unbeatable price and it didn’t disappoint! We traveled by plane with my 4-month old and I’d highly recommend it for any mum traveling with a little one.


It’s so much more convenient than a stroller and he slept almost throughout the entire trip. He obviously loves it which makes me love it even more!


It feels very safe and secure and my husband and I can both comfortably wear it. We highly recommend it to anyone who loves to be close to their baby.” – YANA


I love this carrier.. I just recently had baby number 3, and have a preschooler and a toddler at home and this carrier is perfect for any busy mom like myself..


I had a carrier with my daughter 4 years ago and we had to put a blanket inside to keep her head up but with this carrier, it gives support to my sons head and neck & he always fall asleep in it because he loves being close to his mommy.


I actually plan on buying this for my other family & friends that are expecting this year.” – Latonya Sumbry


2.) UNICHART 360 Baby Carrier All Positions

How do you position your baby? Watch this.

You can purchase this baby carrier for only 29.99 US DOLLARS at Amazon.

Best Baby Carriers 5

I personally like this one because as you can see in the photo above, the baby can really sit and there’s an extra bag where you can put your stuff like your wallet, phone, or your baby’s pacifiers.

Best Baby Carriers 6

Note: The hip seat can be used with or without the carrier.

  • 3-in-1 multi functional combination
  • 12 carrying positions (as pictured above)
  • Can be used from zero to thirty six months
  • The hip design of the carrier promotes proper hip positioning, lowering the risk of hip dysplasia.
  • Detachable panel design, allowing the carrier to adapt to the height of the baby
  • Made from breathable cotton design
  • Soft and comfortable


Let’s check out what certified buyers of this product has to say:

This carrier does what it says. I am a first time mom to a 3 month old boy and I was looking for a baby carrier that would be easy to use on my own, durable and comfortable for both my baby and me.


This carrier suits all my needs perfectly. Many of my friends told me that I needed to try a few carriers before I found the perfect one but believe me you, this one does what it claims.


I am super happy with this purchase. The quality is great, its light weight and the color is absolutely beautiful.


My baby loves being in this carrier and we both enjoy our evening walks together. I highly recommend this product to new moms.” – Bella


Love love love this thing. Specifically, I love that the carrier is attached to you BEFORE you pick the baby up.


Most carriers have the clip behind your shoulders which is fine but sometimes difficult to do when the baby is squirming or as they get bigger or if you don’t have much flexibility in your shoulders.


Plus it’s easier to switch them from forward to back facing or vice versa because you don’t have to take the whole thing off, just the baby straps. The seat really seems to fit the older babies better.


It would be hard to put a new baby in this but if they can sit up assisted, this is the best. They just seem so much more comfortable with the seat.


This carrier would be tough to use if you have difficulty with your hands as there are a few buckles and the ones that attach the baby to you could be tough to get unlatched.” – Tao Lao


In general, this is a really good baby carrier. It allows me to use different positions to carry my little one, and it is so useful and convenient.


I especially love to have my little one sit with her face looking towards front when I take her out for shopping. I can tell she loves this as well, as she is always so excited in this position!


Other positions are also great. When my little one is tired but is having hard time falling into sleep, I also use this carrier to carry her around and then she will easily fall into sleep.


The only thing I would recommend is to include a user manual in the package, as at beginning I did not know how to easily use this carrier by myself (I had to ask my husband to help when I had everything settled and then had him put my baby on).


But the customer service is great, I contacted the seller regarding to this issue and they responded very quickly and sent me user instruction as well as video, which helped me a lot.


Overall, I really like this carrier and I use it everyday!” – Azgo


What do you think of the baby carriers we have chosen above? And if you have ever used a baby carrier, what were your experiences with it? Did you encounter any problems with using it?

Tell us in the comments below. We would love to know!

Have a great day! Don’t forget to share with your family and friends in case they are in the process of purchasing a baby carrier. Talk to you later!

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