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Although it is alright to give milk cold to your baby, most prefer to give their babies warm milk so they scout the market for the best baby bottle warmers.

As I said, it is alright to give the baby cold milk, but of course, parents always want the best for the babies and let’s be honest, most babies prefer warm milk.

In case you didn’t know, the temperature of a woman’s breast milk is at or near the average human body’s which is at 36.5 to 37.5.

A baby who is used to this temperature will definitely notice a change when her caretaker gives her a something different.

Aside from familiarity, another benefit of giving warm milk to your baby is that the baby’s body actually needs to use extra energy to heat the cold liquid that it just drank.

Let’s not forget that also some parents report that their babies experience a stomache after giving their babies a cold bottle.

If you want no fuss, no hassle, no mess, bottle heating then a bottle warmer is the one for you. But before we jump into the products that you should consider, please remember these little notes:

  • After you have heated up your baby’s bottle, you may want to check if it is not too hot for your baby. Do not give it to your baby immediately. You can sprinkle a few drops on the most sensitive part of your arm which are the insides of your wrist. The milk should be warm.
  • Do not use a microwave to warm a baby’s bottle as doing this can cause what they call as “hot spots”. To make it simple, the microwave doesn’t warm a baby’s bottle evenly so there are areas where it is too hot and where it is still too cold.
  • Do not over heat the milk as this could cause it to lose nutrients your baby needs.
  • You can reheat breastmilk once. For example, your baby drank from the bottle but didn’t finish it, put it back in the fridge within half an hour. And if your baby wants to feed again, you can take it out, reheat it, check the temperature, and give it to the baby. If after that, there is still milk left, it is time to discard it.

Now let’s proceed to the products:

1.) Philips AVENT Bottle Warmer

You can have this product for only 29.99 US DOLLARS and it comes with free shipping.

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You’ve probably heard of the Avent brand. It’s quite popular. This device has been programmed to gently and evenly heat up your baby’s milk and make sure that there are no hot spots compared to what the microwave does.

You see, the milk inside the bottle will circulate as well, to make sure that the heat is even. The voltage is 110 – 120 volts. This bottle warmer will work with all Philips Avent bottles, toddler cups, and even with most food jars you can find in the marker.

It is able to heat 4 ounces of milk in just three minutes. A short wait for baby means the lesser chances of a tantrum happening.

It is convenient and there is even a “defrost” in the settings. So from the name itself, it defrosts the breast milk and baby food making it ready to eat or drink.

One thing I also like about this is that it is small, allowing you to quickly find a spot for it on the counter top, or maybe even in baby’s nightstand.

It is fast and easy to operate as well. No complicated instructions. All you need to do would be to plug it in and then flip the on and off switch.

The product also comes with an instruction guide to make it easy for you to calculate the correct heat-up time.

Still, don’t forget to check the temperature of the milk before giving it to your little one.

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Read the full Philips Avent Bottle Warmer Review.

Let’s see what certified buyers had to say about it:

We love the dial (vs the on off button like w Munchkin and other brands) that Kiinde also has but Avent is less pricey.


I turn it up all the way to quickly heat a bottle or I turn it on low to keep the bottle in there for a while. We switched to Comotomo bottles and the CT bottles fit in the Avent warmer.” – Papuga


LOVE this warmer! Got this for my daughter & son-in-law. They’ve been using a pot of water, waiting for it to heat up then setting the bottle in it, waiting for that to warm up – in the meantime you can imaging how upset that may make an impatient infant! Not fun.


This warmer is fantastic. From fridge cold, it has warmed 3 to 4 oz bottles to perfect temps within 2-3 mins. About the time it takes a -now practiced- mom (or dad!) to clean a very dirty bottom & replace clothing. PERFECT!” – Laura Mather


Best Baby Bassinets 2

This product is being sold for 34.99 US DOLLARS. You have six functions to choose from: Fast warming, sterilizing, food heating, normal warming, fast defrosting, constant defrosting. It is a six in one machine that you should have!

Let’s discuss about them one by one:

So the fast warning and sterilizing. You need 30 ml of water to make enough steam to be able to heat up the milk for a duration of three to seven minutes. Another thing I might add is that heating baby food with water insulation is healthier for infants.

What’s more convenient is that you don’t have to stand beside the device the whole time until it is finished because it comes with an auto power off button when you are heating or sterilizing, making it safer and more convenient for you and your baby.

You don’t even need to purchase a specific kind of bottle because this product welcomes any kind of bottle. You see, the cover of this bottle is adjustable making it perfect.

It doesn’t matter if it is wide-mouthed, an angled one, you can heat up the milk and food at the same time. It will be able to defrost breast milk and sterilize nipples at the same time.

Another thing that is worthy to note is that you can operate this device with only one hand. So if you are carrying the baby, there’s no problem.

Let’s see what certified buyers had to say about it:

“I am retired man and took over babysitting for my daughter during the day. This little warmer is a lifesaver. It keeps bottles at a constant 40 degrees centigrade or 104 degrees f. I printed a centigrade chart and taped inside cabinet door for reference.


It also sterilizes bottles in a hurry. It will boil the water quickly using only 250 watts of power. It also has quick warm capabilities (you must be careful with quick warm,it gets water hot in a hurry).


I put sterilized water in ahead of time and it holds at 104f so when baby starts crying from hunger you can be ready day or night. When it is close to feeding time sometimes I mix formula in and leave in warmer.


I often put bottle with left over formula after feeding back in the warmer to keep warm and use within an hour after making.Just be careful and not put bottles in right after sterilizing because water temperatures are very ,very,hot.


I will dump water out after sterilizing in a little while and add fresh cool water,set to normal warming and you are ready to go, just put sterile water in bottle,place in warmer and the unit will show when it reaches 104c.


I bought a seperate thermometer to test water temperatures in the warmer and inside the bottles and it was always accurate. Have a good day.” – Crewchief


Customer service is a big deal for me — you want to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth after spending so much already on other baby items.


As a first time mom, it was really important for me to have a reliable company seeing as that this isnt a known name brand, if something went wrong I wanted to assure myself that someone would fix it.


Luckily, i had a tiny issue with my first warmer and they quickly sent another one. The warmer is cute, functional and affordable. It sterilizes very well. All in all, if I were you, and you’re skeptical…try it!” – Rubi


Here is a Youtube video reviewing the best bottle warmers of 2019. CLICK HERE.

Have you ever used a bottle warmer before?

If so, how was your experience with it? If not, would you be willing to invest in one? Tell us in the comments below! See you next time! Don’t forget to share with your friends and family!

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  1. I just love the idea of the Philips AVENT bottle warmer and the fact that it is small, fast and easy to use. Where were these amazing products when I was having babies? I used to put my bottles in a simmering pot of water. I think the best part of this particular bottle warmer is the defrost option, how fantastic is that. I know what I am buying for all the future baby showers that I attend. Thanks for sharing.

  2. My children are just about grown, but I am fast approaching the stage of my life that brings grandchildren and I am super excited for it!  When my kids were babies, we didn’t have bottle warmers.  This is such a great concept!  Your reviews of both products, as well as the general information in your article was very useful.  The Grownsy 6 in 1 seems genius to me due to its versatility.  It was great reading comments from people who have used the products as well.

  3. Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us .I am very aware of my child’s care, especially what he likes to eat and how he likes to eat it. My baby does not like cold milk, so I purchased the Philips AVENT Bottle Warmer I gave you for your article. The Philips brand is always at the top of my choice and I think this brand is very safe for me .Avent brand is quite popular .This warmer allows my baby’s milk to be boiled in a very nice way .It’s very convenient and I can do my job in a very short time .And all in all it looks interesting to me so it seems to me to be the best baby bottle warmer .

    Finally I hope your article finds mothers the best  bottle warmer for their baby and will definitely share their new experiences with you soon.

  4. Hi there. Thank you for sharing these best baby bottle warmers for 2020. Good to see that you didn’t only share the best baby bottle warmers but gave some very important and useful tips which I find very useful and would ensure safety for my baby. These best baby bottle warmers are indeed the best and at affordable prices too. I love the both but my favourite is the first one.

  5. By GODS grace my wife gave birth to our boy baby on the 2nd of March 2019. He is 11 months old and we are started to bottle feed him from this month. While doing some research online I came across your helpful and informative post on baby bottle warmers.

    Even our baby prefer to drink warm water and milk. If we give him cold water or cold milk he throws it away lol.

    Compared to the Philips Avent bottle warmer I prefer Grownsy’s product. Thanks for providing detailed information on their features. Great features and 6 in 1 is great. Comments from certified buyers are very helpful in making my purchase decision. I got helpful insights from your article.

  6. Warm is the way milk is naturally given to babies directly from their mothers’ breasts. Why not looking forward to emulating mother nature to keep our babies near to their natural stages?

    Using microwaves would be the worst idea ever. Microwaves heat food by shaking them at its molecular level. There is no way on earth this could be good for anyone ever! Philips AVENT is well recognized in the babies’ products industry for the quality of its products and safety awareness. 

    Among your list, the AVENT Bottle Warmer is my favorite and happens to be one of the cheapest on in the market. A simple solution for a simple request (deliver mil at the closest temperature to what would be the most natural one).

    Great post!


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