Best Baby Bassinets 2020

You’ll often see the best baby bassinets being used in nurseries or in the maternity ward. They are the best first beds for newborns. Baby bassinets provide a place for young infants (usually newborns like I said above) to sleep in or rest in.

It is usually a thin, firm mattress. Please note that most bassinets should only be used until the baby can roll over, sit up, or move about freely.

You see once the baby is able to start moving independently, the shallow surface of a bassinet is not what you would consider as a safe option. By that time, it is time to switch to a crib.

So should you even purchase a bassinet if you will be using it for such a short time? Yes. There is new research showing that more and more families are using bassinets.

Most living spaces are decreasing in size so if you want to save up on space, obviously a bassinet is the better choice. Because of their size, this also makes the bassinet very portable.

In addition to that, most bassinets have a hood or a cover that you can pull over while your baby is sleeping.

Most moms also stated at how convenient it was for them to take the baby out without having to lean over the rail because the sides of a bassinet is lower compared to a crib.

However, like I said, the duration of use for a bassinet is usually shorter compared to that of a crib’s. But bassinets are usually cheaper compared to a crib.

Whatever your decision will be, it is important that you consider where you will be putting the crib or bassinet. Baby experts encourage parents to allow their newborns to sleep in the same room as they do, just in a separate sleeping space.

A bassinet is perfect for this especially if you are limited in space. Sleeping in one room could prevent something from happening to your baby like being suffocated or the SIDS. SIDS stands for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

No one exactly knows how it happens but you can prevent that by being able to check your baby from time to time.

Another plus point for the bassinet is it’s portability, while you are doing your daily tasks, you can bring your baby around with you to keep him close.

Please note that your baby’s mattress should be firm, flat, and bare. Avoid placing too much pillows or stuffed toys around your baby while he sleeps as this could lead to suffocation.

Check the condition of your baby’s bed before you use it, even if it is brand new. Pay close attention to reading the instructions on how to assemble it.

Now if you are planning to purchase a bassinet, here are our top picks.


Like I mentioned above, sleeping in the same room especially for newborns is good for both the baby and the parents.

One, your baby will be close to you and two, the parent doesn’t have to stand up and walk groggily to the other room to check on why the baby is crying at 3 in the morning.

Best Baby Bassinets

I personally love this. You can purchase this at 199.00 US DOLLARS. It is safe and comfortable for the baby, and that means peace of mind for you. The mattress that comes with it is firm but not too firm that it becomes hard and uncomfortable.

Looking at it in the picture, you can tell that it is lightweight making it very mobile. You can move it from room to room, upstairs and downstairs with no problem at all. It is also adjustable with six positions to choose from.

You will be able to adjust the height so that the sleeper will be able to adapt to the height of most adult beds. You will also be able to lean over easily to nurse your baby, comfort your baby, or just simply to check on your baby during the night.

Best Baby Bassinets 1

Let’s see what one buyer had to say about this product:

“From the moment my daughter turned two weeks I had been looking for a safe, inclined sleeping surface for my daughter to sleep on at night. Her silent reflux was quickly getting worse and she absolutely hated sleeping on her back.


When she was put on her back she would cough and choke. There are several products on the market that are inclined but only recommended for supervised sleeping (nap time).


We had a lot of difficulty finding something that was safe, inclined and my daughter didn’t scream when she was put in it.

At two months old we found this product! The only regret we have is that we didn’t find it sooner!


It is easy to put up, fits great against our bed and best of all, it has an adjustable incline! It was everything we had been looking for! Most bassinets we came across fit children up to 3 months or 12-15lbs (depending on brand).


Our daughter was in the 99th% for her height at birth and many bassinets wouldn’t fit her after a month. This one is HUGE!


I will say if you have a wiggly kiddo like mine, she does tend to slide if we put it on a more drastic incline setting, so at night we just incline slightly and during the day we will increase the incline when she is napping or awake, supervised and hanging out.


This is the only product that I have found that seemed to fit the needs of our reflux kiddo! A definite must have for any newborn!” – S. SHEPPARD


The next one is from Fisher Price. This is a popular brand for baby needs, most especially toys. For only 109.99 US DOLLARS you can purchase this cute bassinet. It has a calm sway motion that can be generated by you or by the baby.

It also has a dual lighting mode so you can choose form soothing projection to night light. Please note that the light is removable and can be used as a tabletop soother.

The sleeping surface is also flat with a deluxe overhead mobile.

Best Baby Bassinets 2

I like this bassinet because it really promotes giving your baby a goodnight’s sleep. You see, sleeping is really important for your baby’s brain development. The more rested your baby is during the night, the more alert and playful they are during the day.

Because of being well rested, you baby will also be able to pick up more social cues and cognitive cues that will help keep their development on track. That is according to Deborah Weber, PhD Director on Early Childhood Development Research.

Another thing that I like about this product is it’s ability to soothe the baby. You have the swaying, there’s also music and vibrations in case I forgot to mention that.

You will also be able to turn on a light projection while your baby drifts off to dreamland. There’s also an available option to turn on the nightlight that this bassinet comes with so your baby will feel more secure during the night.

What more can you ask for really?

Exactly what I was looking for in a bassinet at a great price point! I am a NICU nurse who is very cautious when it comes to safe sleep practices so I searched high and low for a basic bassinet with breathable fabric that had a nice flat mattress, not a fluffy nest.


We will be road tripping to the grandparents’ regularly so we also needed something portable. It is easy to assemble and disassemble and would fit easily in the trunk for the drive.


Not sure how convenient it would be for air travel as the mattress does not fold (which makes sense so that the mattress stays flat) and it is sturdy so it’s a little heavier than I anticipated but I still love it.


I suppose it might fit in a large suitcase but it would weigh the luggage down. Anyway, it is a great quality, straightforward bassinet that doesn’t cost a ridiculous amount of money.


Very happy with our purchase!” – Amazon Customer

Read my full Fisher Price Soothing Motions Bassinet Review.


Now this one is more affordable! You can originally buy this product at 99.99 US DOLLARS but right now there is a sale happening at Amazon, allowing you to purchase this bassinet for only 72.51 US DOLLARS.

The materials used for this bassinet is polyester. Just like our second option, this bassinet also has an electronic mobile arm that comes with soothing music and a soft nightlight to make your baby feel secure at night.

It requires 4 AA batteries which need to be purchased separately. This bassinet is perfect for naps and bedtime. It is adjustable, removable canopy that helps block bright lights to create a serene sleep environment for your baby.

Underneath the bassinet, there is a storage space for all your baby’s things to be easily within reach, like extra diapers for example.

The bassinet is also movable because of the wheels but you can lock them so they won’t move making it more secure for your newborn. When you purchase this, a mattress pad and a fitted sheet will be included.

Best Baby Bassinets 3

Let’s see what one buyer said about their purchase:

“Fairly easy to assemble – took approximately one hour start to finish. Directions fairly easy to follow.


Pros: looks great, baby loves it, feels comfortable, safe vented sides, sits on casters for wheeling, storage underneath, bassinet cover, mobile with vibration, sounds, lights and more.


Cons: lights are too bright for baby had to take masking tape to lights to make them less bright white and more soft white – they are way too bright from checking on baby in the middle of the night.


Sounds from the mobile could be better – honestly probably won’t ever use – why not just have a soft white noise or whooshing sound?” – TheNESBro

Which of the three products did you love the most?

Have you ever tried any of the products mentioned above? If yes, how was your experience with it? Was it worth your money?

Don’t forget to leave a comment below. We would love to hear your suggestions! Also don’t forget to share! We hope we have helped you find the perfect bed for your baby! We love babies!

See you in the next article! Have a great day!

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    Here comes your article. You are absolutely right that the safety of the baby is number one concern and I advice my daughter to sleep with the newborn in the same room.

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  3. Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us .Baby  Bassinets are great for babies sleeping or resting .I had a baby boy 15 days ago and I purchased a Baby Bassinet for him .This I feel very safe for my newborn .The Bassinet has a hood or a cover that I can pull even when my baby is asleep .I have FISHER PRICE SOOTHING MOTIONS BASSINET given in your article .This brand is my favorite and has a cool rock speed that I like .Sleeping is really important for the baby’s brain development and will help keep him on track .All in all it seems to me to be of great quality .This has seemed to me the best baby bassinet .

    Lastly, I hope your mother will read the article and purchase the new Baby Bassinet for your newborn and share their new experience with you soon.

  4. Thank you for taking out your time to share this comprehensive guide and review of the best baby bassinets in 2020. I find this guide really helpful and informative considering the fact that you covered both safety, cost and convenience. I love bassinets because it doesn’t take space, it is very easy to take around because it is small and light weighted too. I love these bassinets you have recommended so much. I love these bassinets you have shared especially the first one. Yes, the first one is my favourite considering the portability, design and features. It is reasonably priced too plus I love what users have said about it.

    • Thank you for your appreciation! We do our best to cover everything. That being said, please don’t forget that bassinets have a ‘deadline’ though, and a baby can only use a bassinet for an allot period of time. Enjoy your bassinet! 🙂

  5. Space: You might want to consider what space is appropriate for my child. Traditionally, cots are larger than baskets, so a basinet may be more appropriate for smaller living and sleeping areas. However, not all kindergartens are large, and some are specifically designed for small spaces.That’s why what it represents is perfectly ideal for parents. Thanks for the mail.


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